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Clothes combinations with best skill points

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With 2176 clothing items (as of December 2016) there are more than 10 trillion (= 1012) possible combinations! I had the computer go through all of them, extracted the best combinations (for different sortings) and listed them in this table.
Enjoy yourself selecting and optimising your clothes, Abbie Starwatcher.


Each row (1) in the table represents one or multiple clothes combinations that sum up to the same total of skill points (2). There's only one of these combinations shown in the row. Click on the green plus icon on the left of a row to see in a box (appearing underneath the row) the corresponding clothes alternatives (3). Finally, clicking on a clothes item in the box will exchange it with the one displayed in the row.

Sorting & Filtering

Click on a column header to sort on the corresponding skill points. With the CTRL key pressed you may sort multiple columns at once.
Select a maximum player level to see only clothes items that are available on this level:

Maximum player level:    
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