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1521  Willow Volcanoknight
Hey Abbie, On the database it says that the Red hooded sweater with print is at Ted Deer's store at the travelling market but I've been looking there and theres no shop named that at the horse market do you happen to know where it might be?
Abbie: The Traveling Market is something else than the Horse Market! From time to time it appears in Silverglade, so you have to wait for the next appearance.

1520  Aaliyah Beeforest
Your database is very good, and I (and my sister) use it a lot. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find the headbands under Accessories.
I'm not sure if you don't have them yet, or if I'm confusing the search or if it's something else.
Thanks, Ali
Abbie: You're right, they are still missing in my database. I'll add them next weekend.

1519  suzan icedragon
Hi ! i really love your database! thank you for making it!

1518  Molly SwiftSong
Hello! I would like to say you should add a full thing for all of the horses for sale. I am saying the walk,trot,canter,slow gallop,gallop,rear,hard stop,turning,backing up.
Abbie: ????????

1517  Emma NorthWatcher
Hi! I have two questions, i've been looking for the Blue Winter Saddlepad and it says its in the mall on here but it's not... Do you know where it's at now? Also, i've been looking for juras riding pants and I know they're from dino but are they from completing skeletons? Thanks!!
Abbie: Blue Winter Saddlepad: I'll check this.
Jura Riding Pants: if I remember well it was from trading bones with Prof. Jura

1516  Mia starpeak
Hi Abby,
I really love your database I've played SSO for about 2 years and always used your database especially if i cant chose from many different options on different sites. I use the horses part a lot and I believe that you could make some of the photos smaller so that it will fit on the full screen otherwise I believe your database is amazing.
Abbie: This site is optimized for view on Desktops and Laptops. It works quite well on smartphones too, but sometimes (as you noticed) there are some minor issues. Please contact me by e-mail and tell me about your smartphone you're using and some examples of pictures that don't display well.

1515  Annabelle Queenfeather
Hey Abbie!
I was trying to find a western bridle version of my club bridle, the "Night riding bridle". My friend has it but I don't know where to get it and I couldn't find it on your archives. Could you add it? Thanks!
Abbie: I don't know either where to find it. Ask your friend and tell me and I'll add it.

1514  Emily
hey! I'm not sure if you will read this but imma write it anyways!
I've been playing sso for about 4-5 years now and I've ALWAYS used this site...and it's always been so so helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make this website
Abbie: Why shouldn't I read my guestbook? And you're welcome.

1513  Sara Bravegate
It would be nice to see how much stable care and stable upgrade cost and that stuff..
(sorry for my bad english )
Sara Bravegate
Abbie: Sorry, but I'm focusing on clothes, equipment, and such things.

1512  vanessa youngfoot
can we get some of like 200 star coins every 4 days please
Abbie: Send your plea to the SSO Support, I can't help you.
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