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1443  Emma Hemingway
I love this page

1442  Scarlett Oldleaf
Hi Abbie
Abbie: Hi Scarlett, what's up?

1441  Paige Peacehawk
Hello! I just want to start off by saying this is an amazing website ! Though I would appreciate if you put horse hairstyle places, I know that's asking a lot, but I would really appreciate it if you did!
Abbie: I know this would be great, but unfortunately I don't have the time to take all the pictures needed. If somebody does them for me, why not ?

1440  Liv Sapphiresong
Your website is SO helpful, and i was just wondering, could you add a small mane chart, like he available manes for the different horses. I read the FAQ and this might fall under the one about adding something, but i'm not speaking of another item, I'm speaking of a function, so i hope its okay, TYSM for making the website in the first place though, It's been super useful!
Abbie: I'm sorry, I don't have plans to do this. It's too much work.

1439  Sienna Seamore / Ellen Sweetpark / Bambi Claydrake
Hej! Jag älskar denna sida. Ville bara säga det!
Abbie: Tack!

1438  Linea Dusksky
Hi! Could you do a version with the website light colored? So you could choose between dark/light?
Abbie: Why should I?

1437  Stefanie Nightsheild
The best place to find horses and prices and find out how much you need

1436  Lisa Liondew
Hi Abbie, I love you and your Database! I very like this web and often I open it! thank you for make this internet web
(sorry, my english is very bad [*])
Abbie: You're welcome

1435  Chiara Dolphinvallet
Hey Abbie, I love youre website! And i have a sugestion What about filters like: low to high (prices) And High to low?
Abbie: If you read the text above the tables you will learn how to sort columns ...

1434  Minna Mouseborn
Hello! First of all, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate this database. I use it so often, and I know that there are so many others who utilize it just as much as I do!
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I cannot find the "short wavy bob cut with bun" hairstyle in the Sunshine Salon. I'm not sure whether its been moved to another location or is no longer available for purchase at this time. Thank you for everything!
Abbie: Thanks for the hint, I'll check this.
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