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1632  Nova Sunstream
Älskar verkligen den här databasen. Den e så himla bra och jag tittar på den varje gång när jag letar efter något. Typ allt som man behöver finns här enligt mig. Stäng aldrig ner denna.
Abbie: Jag ska ge mitt bästa

1631  Lisa Duskside
Hi, I have been looking for Farah's trade store in Valedale. I can see that it's only temporary. So does it still exist or is it gone? I saw that you wrote that the store pops up now and then and I have checked the news on the website but I can't find anything, do you know then it back?
Abbie: Simply use the search field at the SSO news to find this news page.

1630  Scarlett Wolfhill
Abbie, it would be so cool if you could add a list of NPCs into here! Or maybe just the important ones, like Vets etc.
Abbie: Go and have a look here

1629  Nichole Northberg
I think is is one of the best invention from sso. Thank you for it!
Abbie: Please read the line at the very bottom of my web pages ...

1628  Nicole applehearth
hi i love star stable so much my favorite horse is the lusitano and i love seeing how star stable keeps on getting better :

1627  Bambi dolphinfeather
I'm looking for the druid tunic in Valedale... but can't find Farah's trade store anywhere... where can I find it?
Abbie: If you click on the shop name you will get a picture showing where to find the shop. And hopefully you also notice that it says "only temporary". This shop pops up now and then, read the SSO news to not miss it.

1626  vivienne sweetwood
i was wondering if you could add the latest Clydesdale to the list and could you do what types the horses are best at? like fastest or best at jumping ect. than this is helpful love ya and keep it up!!
Abbie: The Clydesdale horses have been added. Look at the skill points to determine what they are best at.

1625  Saga bluehawk
i dont know if someone asked u but now imma ask, it could be rly nice if u could make all the races xp, it would be easier for me when i train my horses, but anyways i love dis tysm for making it
Abbie: There already are some website offering this kind of information. Just google ...

1624  charlotte westford
omg this is so helpful! tysmmm you guys are awesome

1623  Martine fisher
Thank god for this! Very helpful ty
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