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1116  Ekaterina Sworddew
Hi Abbie! I just want to let you know that this is possibly my favorite SSO site! I can imagine how much effort this took, and just know that none of it went to waste! I have planned countless equipment and clothing hauls using this site, and I owe it all to you!
Thanks so so much,
Ekaterina Sworddew, Wind Star server
Abbie: You're welcome!

1115  Vanessa Graycamp
Hi Abbie, i'm sure your really busy but once you get a chance can update the old model pics. I'm really sorry if i'm a nuisance.
Abbie: Unbelievable ...

1114  Sylvie Shortstreet
Starstable added a new starter animation. In your "archive" are old models, i know it's difficult but just like it already is, you have to fix it, i'm sorry for my not good english.
Abbie: No kidding ...

1113  Myra Miststorm
I just wanna try this out because it looks amazing

1112  Rebecca Mclee
Hey Abbie, I was looking at tack and realized that I didn't see the swiftness stats for the items. I'm very confused
Abbie: SSO's help text tells us: "Swiftness - The horse's speed". Looking at the column headers of the tack table you'll see a column called "Speed" ...

1111  Chloe
You should add all the races the horse races, and tell how much every race gives you like money,reputation and how much xp
Abbie: Have a look here: it's in German and it's not complete, but maybe nevertheless useful.

1110  Violet Misthunter
Hey Abbie! Just a suggestion, when looking at the rewards/gift items, I noticed that it would be better if they had which quest/where ever you get them from, as a guide, as well as saying that it is from rewards/gifts.
Abbie: Yes, this would be helpful indeed. But unfortunately much to much work.

1109  Nora Fogstar
I just want to say that this site is really helpfull and you did a great job making it. (:
Abbie: Thank you!

1108  Cynthia Bunnypeak
J'adore ce site, il me sert tout le temps, surtout quand je voudrais acheter un nouveau cheval mais que je ne sais pas quoi...
J'ai déjà un frison de luxe, un morgan, un mustang, un jorvikois à sang chaud, un pur-sang anglais, un pur-sang arabe, un suédois du nord, un poney jorvikois... Et bref j'ai trouvé quels chevaux m'acheter: un shire, un hafliger, un poney gallois et un autre mais là j'ai oublié... #TrouDeMemoire
Abbie: Merci et encore beaucoup de plaisir avec SSO.

1107  Elizabeth Pinkbird
Hi Abbie,
I have a suggestion for your site. I think it would be super convenient if you could add an option for optimising, where you can select tack/clothes that are already owned. This would really help to let me see what I really need to buy.
Thanks for making this awesome site! Shopping in sso would be very hard without it.
Abbie: Partially, you can already check this using the optimising page.
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