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1221  Heather Oldkeep
i've been looking for a website like yours for so long you just save my life !

1220  Mira Lionrider
Hi Abbie,
I'm sorry if I am bothering you but for a while now I have been having trouble with the Database. For example; Every time I open one of the Clothes, Equipment, Decoration, Accessories, Hairstyles ECT tabs It just says: No matching items found.
I have tried reloading but it still doesn't work
I hope that you can help because I am missing this website a lot! It is wonderful!
Many Thanks.
Abbie: Please contact me by e-mail (or F and tell me more about this issue. I'll try to help you.

1219  Eline Rainlee
Hi, I just wan't to say that this database is amazing!

1218  Anzia Highfall
Thank you sooooo much!
How you did this?
Abbie: It's ... magic

1217  Athena Seashield
I love your Database. When I don't know where are the club
clothes, I look here! I love this site!

1216  Claudia Kingland
Proszę poprawcie szyję w SSO ponieważ jest za krótka! Jest straszna niektórzy na facobooku piszą na różnych stronach o SSO, że przestaną grać (tak nawet z powodu szyi) tak samo z twarzą , jest za okrągła to jest straszne! naprawcie to!
Abbie: Nie mogę ci pomóc, skontaktuj się z zespołem wsparcia SSO.

1215  Iris W.
I don't want to ask you about nothing, I just want to say that your page is really helpful and awesome!
Iris W.

1214  zoe mcbrooke
just wanted to say many thanks!! or vielen dank! to you for creating and maintaining this website! my daughter and i both play and this is such a wonderful source.
thank you!
Abbie: Hi Zoe, you're welcome! Nice to hear that you and your daughter are playing SSO together.

1213  Nadia Loudwood
Bonjours !
J'ai une énorme question ! ou se trouve le pied de biche,A la vallée de goldenhils.Pour ouvrir le coffre ! Merci d'avance !!
Abbie: Mon guestbook n'est pas là pour répondre à ce genre de question. Contact-moi via e-mail pour cela.

1212  Ava Firestorm
Hi Abbie. Sorry, I seem to be annoying you xD But I've noticed that the type of boots that druid boots are under, you're missing some. There are some new boots in the lifetime starrider bonus shop in Moorland. They are the same type as the druid boots, so when you have time to, you should add them I guess? Sorry if I'm wrong but I'm quite sure.
Abbie: Type "druid" in the text search field and you'll get 3 entries. If you know about some other druid boots, please contact me by e-mail and provide detailed information.
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