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1562  Aria Haydotter
Hi this page is realy useful but, I cant find that pony from app soo can you add him here?
Abbie: You really have to be more specific: which pony are talking about?

1561  Kate Diamondgarden
Just wanted to quickly say how helpful this page is! I have been using it for years, especially with horses, tack and clothing. So so SO handy and easy. Its so good that its updated all the time. Well done!

1560  Sheila Yellowpie
I really love this page. It helped me so many times! I'm so proud of you! Did you make this page alone? Or with someone?
Sheila :3
Abbie: Me, myself and I, with the help of some friends

1559  Sylvie Windwatcher
Hai, ik zou het super cool vinden als je iemand anders op je acc kan maar dan zonder wachtwoord of e-mail gewoon voor racen en dagelijkse missies .
Abbie: Please contact Starstable Support for your request.

1558  Vanessa Snowwolf
omg I love u sooo much!

1557  MollyMacCloud
Hi, Abbey! I love your site here. When I want to look up certain horses, tack, clothes, etc. just come here, instead of running all over Jorvik trying to find what I'm looking for, & tack/clothes that'll match. Such a time saver! Keep up the good work!
Abbie: I'll try my best

1556  Evangeline Cloverrain
Hey Abbie!
I just wanted to say how amazing your site is. Its helped me so much, for instead of running around with no destination, I just come on here and look up whats in my interest. Thank you for putting time in to make this website.
Rainy (

1555  Lilah Winterluck
Hi Abbie!!!
I want to say this is the most helpful Database I have ever seen. I am on it just about everyday. I hope you will be able to always continue adding to it.
Thank you so much for making this!!!
Abbie: You're welcome

1554  Catherine Dreamdragon
Dear Abbie!
It's just a thanksgiving letter. I hope you see it! So... your page is very helpful and you're a very kind person. I think it's hard to make everything on this page wiches are in the game. (sorry for poor English xd)
Thanks for reading, Catherine
Have nice day!
Abbie: Thank you Catherine

1553  Ivy Cloverhoof
Hey, I'm Ivy Cloverhoof but you can call me Ivy! I have a question a lot of people are hacking into places on the game not yet discovered and/or places we aren't allowed to go. And people are also hacking to get horses and items they aren't a high enough level for. Is this bad? If we get caught hacking are we gonna get kicked off the game?? I'm just curious to know because I know people who do that kind of stuff and I wanna know to tell them not to do that anymore or they will get in trouble. Please tell me so I can let people know who are. I don't feel people should be hacking the game is supposed to be fun and you are supposed to earn your way into places...
Abbie: To cut it short: don't cheat, don't hack, it's as simple as that.
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