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1710  Zoe
i noticed that the Clydesdale in Fort Pinta does not have the level restriction on it. I know its just a simple mistake. The level restriction is 12 BTW so you can add it in when you have time to.
Abbie: This Clydesdale was initially offered without any level restriction. Thanks for remembering me that it is now restricted to level 12, I'll change this with the next update.

1709  Aria Sweetfeather
Amazing database! I use dis when I has like over 10000 JS and SC to spend! x good 1! ty for dis being hereeeeee
Abbie: (converted to lowercase, no need shouting)

1708  Emily Oaksten
I don’t have a question, suggestion or correction. I just thought it would be nice to send a message about how much I (and probably everyone else on this website) appreciate it that you collected all this data and published it to help people! Have a nice day!
Much love,
Abbie: Thanks Emily

1707  Julie Moonmoon
Hello! You have done so well on this Website! I am super grateful for this website, as it helps me making outfits, looking for items, choosing horses, and much more. Well done, Abbie!
I was looking in the FAQ's and I was at the section telling how you made the website. There was something having to do with Renee Goldpaw's website, I clicked on it, and it says, "Oh no". I'm thinking there is no website. Can you fix that? Or at least tell me how to get on her website?
From, Moony. (Keep up the Good work!)
Abbie: I'm sorry, I forgot to update the FAQ page. Unfortunately, Renee Goldpaw's webpage does not work anymore, it's really a pity.
I always planned to reopen it one time using her material, but I did not find the time to do it.

1706  Autumn Winddew
First of all I'd like to thank you for your hard-work and dedication to this database. It has been a huge help towards me and most likely almost every Star Stable player.
This entry is about the fact that I have seen ombre hair (worn by other players) in-game, yet cannot find the item in Hairstyles. I've gone through most (if not all) of the items in the category and cannot find it. This dissapoints me as I was hoping to save the trouble of having to check every store in Jorvik.
Again, thankyou for your hard-work, could you please however review the Hairstyles section?
P.S In NO way am I trying to say you're slacking or being lazy. I'm simply curious as to where that item could've gone/if it was ever added. Thankyou!
Abbie: What do you mean by "ombre hair"? Of course it is possible that some haircuts are missing, and there's nothing wrong about asking me. But as you I can't always check all shops to verify that nothing is missing.
Please send me (by e-mail) a picture of such a haircut or ask players that have them, maybe then we can find out where it is available.

1705  Alice Roseport
Hi, so you know that sometimes you find clothes with redeem clothes with them, can you say the redeem code as well plz! tysm
Abbie: Since I have not noted the codes I can not add that anymore. In addition, most codes are only valid for a short time.

1704  Sandy Winddragon
Thank you so much for all the information on this website! A lot of my friends recommended this, and it was worth it!
I just wanted to ask, does it matter what country/continent you may be in, to get everything in this website? It would really help if it does.
Kindly regarding,
Sandy Winddragon.
Abbie: There are only a few things that are not available everywhere. Otherwise there are no restrictions by country / continent.

1703  Priscilla Moonpie
Hello! I was wondering, could you add like a category for the NPCS? I really like Jorvegian history, and I recognized a last name but I forgot who it belonged to. I looked on your database but noticed there was nothing about the NPCS on here. So please, if you have any time, could you create one? Keep up the good work!
Abbie: I'm sorry, but I won't do this, it's already enough work to keep the database up-to-date. I suggest you visit Jorvikpedia.

1702  Justine Misthill
I love this website! Its so easy to find new clothes and figure out what I want to buy without having to go to every shop in Jorvik!

1701  Autumn Cloverhawk
I love this site. I can always find what I need, and It helps me so much with writing books. Keep up the good work!
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