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1032  Anonim
Naprawd? szkoda, ?e ta strona nie jest po polsku... Ale jest super ;D COOL! Sory for this "anonim" xd Przepraszam za tego "anonima" xD próbowa?am po angielsku, nie umiem. Wybacz mi! XDD
Abbie: Spróbuj „Google Translate” przetlumaczyc tekstu polskiego na jezyk angielski. To nie jest tak zle.
Przynajmniej mozna przel?czyc sie na polskich danych w mojej bazy danych.
Nadzieje, ze rozumiesz moja odpowiedz (tlumaczone przez Google)

1031  Zelda Moonforest
Really impressed with this site, and it has helped me on a number of occasions in the hunt of the perfect outfit.
Havent visited in a while, and I literally squealed when I saw all the new stuff you have added! (horses, bags, make-up, hair, pets, even optimising!! What is this sorcery?!)
Thank you a million times
Have a lovely weekend :3
Abbie: Thanks Zelda

1030  Zoey Mountainshield
How do you change your email/username if you are not a star rider? I cant verify my email address to become a star rider so i can change it
Abbie: Please contact SSO support.

1029  Hazel Skybaker
Thanks for making/maintaining this website it really helps me when I'm too lazy to walk around all of Jorvik to find one shirt (=

1028  Sophia Sunstep
Tahank you so much for using your time to create this amazing database! This is so helpful!

1027  Helene Masterdaughter
I really like this website!!! i am using it many times a day!! I wish you maybe could have a lookbook, like good racing outfits
Abbie: You can use the "optimisation" page to find your best gear yourself.

1026  Synne Eastforest
Hey I really love this site because it helps me when I cant find anything in sso I always go here!

1025  Vanessa Kittenheart
Hi! I love this site! When I need tack, I always come here first! When I see something on another player I want, I come here. I enjoy that it updates with the SSO updates! I do speak English, I just have really bad grammar. So sorry if you don't understand this.

1024  Sofie Discostreet
I really LOVE your website! i'm from sweden and looking at this every week 2-3 times. i want to log in on my sso login and that i can take one of my horses and try the saddles or decoration. can you add that? it would be great! (sry for bad english)
Abbie: How on earth should I be able to do that

1023  Rosalie Coldsten
Hey! Are you gonna put the mustang variations from the starstable app on the website?
Abbie: Yes, if I get some good quality pictures. But I need pictures taken inside SSO, not in the app!
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