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983  April Miststorm
Star stable database is so useful no words xD I found all the horses I want and added their prices up. Found all the outfits, Tysm guys this is so useful!

982  Britney Silverroad
Hi! i really love your site! i have spent an enitre class just looking ( the teacher is playing cards with the othes ) i would really like to be your friend in sso!
but on another note, do you know how to rp wildhorses, cuz i thinkk the fixed the glitch i used
~wish you all good~
Abbie: No, I don't know, I'm sorry.

981  Kelly Longford
Thnx so so so much Abbie!!! This web has helped me so much to make decisions (can never make up my mind!) about what horse I should buy next and which gear and cllothes will go with it!!! And for me it's always real acurate!
Keep it up!!

980  Lova Bluetree
Lately when I have been looking for clothing on my computer it turns kind f gray so I can't click or choose anything.
Abbie: Use Ctrl-Shift-R (or Ctrol-F5) to force your browser to fully reload the page.

979  Eline Candlestreet
Where is the Hairstyles for horses I want to have it on Starstable Database.
Sorry for bad English
Abbie: Me too, Do you send me the pictures so I can compile a table?

978  Lena Startuin
Can you maybe get something for avaliable clubnames because i can't make any club!
Thanks... -Lena
Abbie: Hi Lena, unfortunately I can't know which club names are already taken. A list of all names is available here (maybe out of date).

977  Kirsten Westberg
You really have a super fun Star Stable site.
It's super convenient if you do not know anything.
And it is always begevuld if there is something new.
So a top site!

976  Isla
I know this question already have been answered... it's about the page not working properly and we're supposed to press CTRL+F5 for it to work. But there's a problem... I might have a weird computer or something but it doesn't work for me. I can't use F1-F12 for ANYTHING since they are made for special purposes. For an example: F7 pauses Spotify. F9 and F10 is for changing the volume. They don't work for anything else! How am I supposed to get side to work when my buttons won't work? If you don't know, there's no need to try to figure it out.
Thanks for reading! I hope you got a answer!
Abbie: Then you probably have a configuration that by default overrides the standard functions of these buttons.
Anyway, there are other ways to get your browser to not use the cached files. Unfortunately you don't tell me what browser you are using, but most browser also accept "CTRL-SHIFT-R". Or you can try to hold SHIFT while clicking on the reload symbol of your browser.
If after all that you still have problems viewing my site, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail!

975  Zelda Silverdew
thank you so much for adding the pets and saddlebags
Abbie: You're welcome. It's all a matter of time ...

974  ssoss
Why don't you have listed Bobcat's shop's saddles etc. it's outside of Moorland where you start races?
Abbie: You're absolutely right, that's why I added them at once.
Thank you for pointing that out.
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