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1178  Rather not say. Sorreh.
The shire on the horses page isnt correct in the info, It says: Level 1205. I think you might need to re-code the programme, But after all, Its all fine!
This service really REALLY helps me with my outfits and when I plan to net new horses
Abbie: See my answer to the guestbook entry 1176 below

1177  Kate ZebraHeart
Amazing work you've done on this website. I can search any item at any time, and it is very helpful. And plus, it's usually all up to date. Just wanted to say that it really does improve my gaming experience. Thanks for having the support up and running for those that need it! Cheers!
~Kate ZebraHeart
Abbie: Thanks and cheers back to you

1176  Melissa Dawnriver
Can you still get The SuperShire and when and is it still in fort pinta, cause the picture looks really old and seems to be on april fools
Abbie: It WAS an april's fool joke, see the description that appears when clicking on the breed name "SuperShire"

1175  Madison Opalstorm
Absolutely love this page so helpful. Found the pants that i have wanted for ages! I love how you have taken the time to help others and i really appreciate the that you have listed the shops where you can get the same thing for different or the same price! Thank you!!
Abbie: You're welcome, Madison

1174  Anastasia Rainwood
I love your site. It's helped with getting tack for my horses. And it's helped me knowing what NOT to buy.

1173  Lena Bluebell
I just wanted to thank you for all the great and hard work you've done here ! The web site is really complete and reliable, I come here every time I'm looking for something and I reccomand you all the time to the others ! This web site is just a paradise for us players and it's the only one iv'e found, please never shut it down !
I send you aaaaall my love and congratulations !
Abbie: Thank you Lena

1172  Tyra Yellowgirl
I really love this, this is so helpful. Thank you so much for making this!

1171  Paige Silentmountain
Love your page! Super helpful and always updated! Well... you should totally update the Starter models! It would look real swanky!

1170  Connie Firewood
Hi. I think that you need to add two things. 1. Make a from to star coins or Jorvik Shillings ex. 300 Jorvik Shillings to 6000 Jorvik Shillings. I think that would help. 2. Things from the governors Fall horse shop. You forgot that. It is facing leonardos ice cream shop. Anyways this site is great.
Abbie: ad 1) use column sorting for the time being
ad 2) done

1169  (I'd rather not say
chestnut hanoverian is now at silverglade equestrian center
Abbie: Thanks, I'll check that.
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