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1329  Adalyn Birchnest
I come frequently to check out new information. I love this site and hope the picture issue gets sorted out soon! High praises from me in any case. This is a lot of work and much apriciated by people like me.
Abbie: I'm still working on the picture issue, but it seems that this page has too much traffic for free hosting of so much pictures

1328  Lily Moonbell
Heyyyyyy! I dont think you have got this one before but do you update the website each week when new things come out because some clothing on sso is not on here If you do then just remember to update new stuff pls
Abbie: Just look at the news on the starting page regarding updates. And if there are some items missing, then don't use this guestbook but my e-mail address to tell me more precisely what's missing!

1327  My Watervalley
Some of the horse pictures does not load for me. I have tried restarting the site several times but the horses (always the same ones) do not appear.
Abbie: Please read my message on the top of this page.

1326  Naomi Swiftfeather
Hi! I was wondering, since the pictures currently arent working, do you know, or does anyone know what the name of the black saddle with the white stars on it is and where to find it? My alternate's star rider subscription ends tomorrow and I wanted to get it before I was restricted to just Moorland and FP Any time is fine though
Abbie: Sorry, no time for this at the moment ...

1325  Sofia Bravefall
This Database has helped me so much! I have bee using this for over 4 years and has helped me find horses and gear I wanted to buy! I recommend this site to anyone in need of a site to help them find whatever they need in the Star Stable game!

-Sofia Bravefall

1324  Zelda Lowfeather
This site is very helpful and I use it very often, thank you for creating it & updating it Is there a chance that you could create a table of saddle bags and saddle bag pets as well?
Abbie: Already available, just look at the menu on the left.

1323  Alyssa Ravengren
This is an AMAZING website! I use it pretty much every day. It's possible that I'm on it more than I am on Star Stable!

1322  Nadia Discolord
Thank you Very Mutch!!! I Love your PAGE!!!

1321  Elizabeth Sleepyforest
The North Swedish Horse in Golden Hills is at the only stable in Golden, but i'm sure if it is for sale. Hope this helped.

1320  Tiffany Lavaheart
I love this site! But does anyone know from which quest can we get the Warm Sweater?
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