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1067  Agnes SIlentgirl
Vart kan jag hitta: Mysig Fliströja?
Abbie: I'm sorry, but I don't know which fleece shirt you're talking about. Could you describe it more precisely?

1066  stefanie ponydawn
Hey your data base has helped me and my friends a lot i really love all the effort you put in to this database i really hope you continue with the database

1065  Nichole Wolflee
Where can I find the SuperSize Shire is it still availible?
Abbie: Did you ever see in the game? Do you know why? It was an April's Fool in 2016.

1064  willow autumbard
why dont you incule the horses from the ssh horse app. The Captcha is hard for me because I have deslexia.
Abbie: I will add those horses as soon as I have good pictures.
Captcha: I know it's not so easy. I'm still looking for a better solution.

1063  georgie birchfall
hey there! love this website. pretty sure nobody has asked this before but do you where where i can get the beige trench coat? i know it's a quest, but which one and which level? i love it so much.
Abbie: I don't know the level, but the quest is called "Fire and Ice!".
You may have a look here:

1062  Candida Nightmountain
Maybe you know from what quest you get Black Suede Helmet?
I'm searching everywhere but I can't find it
Abbie: It's from a quest with Prof. Hayden.

1061  Camelia Diamondsmith
HI! I was wondering, well 2 things actually,
1. are you going to add the 3 new horses? they are:
Frisian Sport horse - Cresent Moonvillage
New morgan - Firegrove
New Iclandic horse - New hillcrest
I will help to get pictures
Abbie: Of course I know about the new horses, but please bear with me if I don't have the time to make updates timely.

1060  Grace Northstone
Hi, some of the horses you have listed in the horses page have moved from that stable, so i was wondering if you are going to update them ?
Abbie: Unfortunately, SSO is often changing the point of sale for the horses. I would like to keep the database up-to-date, but I don't always have the time to keep up.

1059  Eleanor Swordstar
this database is really amazing - many thanks for creating it.
I have suggestion for filtering horses - how about adding an option to filter/distinguish horses with "new" animations (Morgans and all breeds added after them) and "older" animations (Fjords and all breeds added before them).
I intend to send you picture(s) of the horse(s) from the app when I get them (which might take longer than I would like).
Once again, thanks for this georgeous website.
Abbie: Thanks. And yes, I will consider your suggestion, a good idea.

1058  I dunno
How do I get the "Blue VIP Jacket"?
Abbie: I think it was a one of the redeem codes, maybe "BLUEJACKETSSO" ?
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