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This site provides a comprehensive inventory for clothes, horse gear, decoration items, accessories, hairstyles, and horses as available in the game StarStable Online (SSO). The various tables may be filtered and sorted and you can seek within item descriptions.
Enjoy yourself browsing, selecting, optimising. Abbie Starwatcher.


A lot of information and pictures originate (with kind permission) from the faboulous (german/english) web site "The Help Site for Starstable" by Renee Goldpaw, a real tresure of SSO information. I retrieved all her data, structured it into several tables, integrated some filtering and sorting features and calculated optimal combinations.
Special thanks go to Jamie Darklake (providing pictures and information) and Lauren MacMountain (feeding the database).
Note: No responsibility is taken for correctness, completeness, and currentness of data!

Visitor Statistics

Here are some statistics about the visitors of this database.

This site has about 5,000 visitors per day from all over the world, about 3,000 of them using the English pages and about 1,000 each for German and Swedish pages. This sums up to more than 10,000 page visits per day.

The database is most visited on Wednesday and Saturday.

Visitors are especially interested in clothing, gear and horses. Less visited are hairstyles, decoration, and make-up.

[status as of August 2017]

News and important information

Bienvenue aux francophones! Il y a aussi une version francaise à votre disposition.

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August 7, 2017three new Hanoverian and druid clothing of Farah
July 5, 2017another three Arabians
June 11, 2017new Arabians and various clothes, gear and decorations
May 26, 2017new bags and pets (squirrels) at Firgrove
May 13, 2017clothes and equipment of the Spirit shop and related quests
May 6, 2017three new horses (Friesian Sport Horse, Icelandic Horse, Morgan)
April 8, 2017added new Haflinger horses
March 26, 2017Fortuna items and new clothes from the Shopping Mall
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Contents of this site

Inventory of all clothes (headwear, tops, gloves, legwear, footwear) that may be purchased in the shops.
Additionally, the tables also contain gear items you may receive as reward for completed quests or those available on special occasions only (e.g. Halloween).
Inventory of all equipment items (reins, saddles, blankets, horseshoes) that may be purchased in the shops.
Additionally, the tables also contain equipment items you may receive as reward for completed quests.
Inventory of all decoration items (head and tail decoration, leg wraps) that may be purchased in the shops.
Inventory of all accessory items (glasses & sunglasses so far) that may be purchased in the accessory shops.
Inventory of all hairstyles (short-medium-long, ponytail, pigtail, dreadlocks) that you may get at the hairdresser salons. You may search for specific colors and hairstyles.
Inventory of all make-ups available in the beauty salons all around Jorvik. You may search for specific colors for eye shadow, lipstick, and so on.
Inventory of all horses you can buy in addition to the starter horse. The table may be filtered on point of sale, breed and coat color/pattern.
To determine the best combinations of clothes/equipment I had the computer go through all possible combinations (e.g. almost 800 billion clothing combinations!) and determine the best ones depending on various sortings of skill points.
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No responsibility is taken for correctness, completeness, and currentness of data!
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